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    miss baldwin a modern witch of endor

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    The faithful of the cult of Tantra regarded sexual intercourse as the essential rite of initiation enabling them to accede to knowledge The two principles Shiva (male) and Shakti (his wisdom embodied by the female) merged in the couple and transcended the sexual embrace

    Country of Origin: India Culture: Hindu Date/Period: Late 18th/early 19th century /Private collection

    Album painting / Werner Forman Archive / Bridgeman Images

  5. historicaltimes:

    German soldiers wearing four different types of gas masks that were used in the early years of World War 1, c. 1916.

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    Mark Antokolski (1843-1902), Méphistophélès - 1884

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    Johann Peter Krafft (1780-1856), Faust au Matin de Pâques - 1856

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    Artist: Stepan Alekseev

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    Emma Watkinson

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